From what I can determine, the sure cure for these "diseases" is simply to understand that the allopathic medical establishment is a giant fraud. The lay public understandably accepts their incessant "scientific" propaganda, but 35yrs spent in research science, clinical labs, Big Pharma, genomics, and drug development, and I emerged from that cesspool of deception believing nary a whit of the published or proclaimed so-called "scientific" research.

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I would challenge anyone to cite valid scientific evidence showing that Candida auris is the cause of any illness.

As we all know, correlation is not proof of causation. Presence of firefighters is not proof that they cause fires.

Every so-called pathogen that I have looked into has either not even been shown to exist ("viruses") or not been shown to cause harm.

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glyphosate environmental contamination has been changing the pH of the digestive tract resulting in major changes in the micro biome over the last few decades (decrease in bifidobacteria and lactobacillus) increasing susceptibility to proliferation of other microorganisms.

This article describes a case of “auto-brewery” syndrome where the patient consumption of sugary products combined with the yeast overgrowth in his digestive tract resulted in his body fermenting alcohol in quantities that resulted in intoxication


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